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Remnant Enterprises is Publishing, Productions, & Film

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Remnant Enterprises is your one-stop service for all your publishing, branding, production, or filming needs. Our mission is to help and market unknown Christian and Family-friendly authors, create productions that captivatingly tell incredible stories, and make memorable films & movies. Remnant Enterprises exists solely to provide quality content and entertainment dedicated to morality, family, and the God of our universe. Everything we do is composed of this very essence. Our delivery is highly selective to ensure we take the personal care each client needs. Control your atmosphere with Truth, Integrity, and commitment.

As creators, we know entirely how your labor is more than just a new project. It's yours and, therefore, personal to you, yet so much more as it is part of you, which gives it a higher purpose. Remnant Enterprises always looks to publish content with positive stories of all genres. We are specifically looking for high-moral and redemptive storytelling content and literature.

Remnant Enterprises uses a carefully curated strategy for your success in every project we take on.

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Getting a Personal Touch with Remnant Enterprises

Remnant Enterprises acts with a personal touch, and all authors will retain retains 100% rights to their work. Our royalty plan is structured to maximize profits for all authors including new authors. We are passionate about our talents and expertise, and will always ensure your final work is met with the highest standards we offer.

Services we offer:

Get that personal touch with Remnant for your next roject, don't be just a number.
  • • Award winning design team
  • • Publishing
  • • Book cover design & layout
  • • Branding & Websites
  • • Digital & Print Ad design
  • • Video & Prductions Services
  • • Commercials
  • • Book Trailers
  • • Music Videos
  • • Voiceover & audiobook reading
  • • & more

We’ve simplified our packages to make easier than ever to get started.

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A Look Into Our History

Remnant stained glass eye - look into Remnant history

Remnant Enterprises started with a vision of a 15-year-old but officially began in 1999 after our founder, Eric Carbaugh, honorably served in the US Marines. The original idea of Remnant was always to be an entertainment company in every aspect of the entertainment industry, more specifically, the Christian entertainment industry. Early in 1999, our founder had a vision of "broadcasting" films and shows to the TV via a box connected to the internet. It wouldn't be until nearly a decade later that Roku & Netflix began what is known as "streaming." This also birthed a second company as part of the vision of Remnant Life Network under the Remnant Enterprises umbrella, and today, two separate companies. Working with many companies over the last few decades in technology, Eric has helped businesses from start-ups, small businesses, and top fortune companies establish their branding and strategy to build million-dollar web applications.

Now is your turn to get the help your business or vision needs from branding & websites, publishing your next book, video productions, voiceovers for products and books, podcast consulting, or film & TV ideas.

Find out how to get your next started idea or vision with the help of Remnant Enterprises.

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Helping you climp to new heights

Climb to new heights with Remnant Entperirses

You would never climb a mountain without someone who has your back; likewise, you need someone in the professional world who can be your go-to. Truth, Integrity, and commitment are our core values that have shaped the vision of Remnant Enterprises. We believe in transparency from the start, so we will never finalize details without all involved feeling good about it. Whether you choose publishing, video production, or anything else we offer, we are always the watermark in your success so you get the exposure you need.

Every dream is a fire that starts with a spark

We know that everyone's dream is theirs and theirs alone. While others can have very similar dreams and ideas, no one has the same dream as you. Ideas fade away while dreams will last a lifetime, and left not complete, they will not let you alone.

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From Unchartered to the Vision for a Lifetime

It was an audacious dream and vision that started many moons ago; however, it was officially launched as a viable idea in 1999 by our founder, Eric Carbaugh. Pen and paper in hand, the vision began to take shape for Remnant Enterprises and Remnant Life Network with a multi-faceted vision media company that would span a lifetime and beyond. An artist by nature and a warrior by heart, our founder threw himself into a plan crafted years before he served in the United States Marines. After honorable service to the USA, he started a new chapter in life as an aspiring entrepreneur. Turning art into a career, he has been able to learn, grow, and has been blessed to help many businesses, from start-ups to mom-and-pop businesses to fortune companies, build an online presence over a 24-year career and counting. Since Remnant is built upon being creators ourselves and Eric as an author, it is more than time to help find the path in life's coming chapters and seasons.

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Remnant Enterprises is in your corner

Remnant Enterprises is in your corner (boxing ring corner)

When it comes to your choice of partners, you need someone in your corner with the expertise to get the job done. Remnant has experience spanning more than two decades in the visual and print media spaces and nearly every industry in business today. We've never met a problem we did not find a solution to. We want to be in your corner on your next project, whether book publishing, video & production, branding, web design and development, or consulting.

Transparency is a major key to our process because we bank on your trust. We know how many publishing, production, and branding agencies will lock you into a package that doesn't fit your needs. We cater to your specific needs to make the process simple and transparent. Everyone should obtain quality regardless of budget and state of the visual arts industry. Let us help in the ring of life for your next project; we have your back and corner.

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Featured Books from Remnant Enterprises

Book - Warrior Up, Second Edition - by Eric Carbaugh

Warrior Up!

Answer An Ancient Calling To Find The Warrior Within.

Second Edition (New Subtitle)
by Eric Carbaugh

publishing July 4th, 2024

Book - Help Wanted, Courageous & Strong Men... - by Eric Carbaugh

Help Wanted! Courageous Strong Men To Take A Bold Stand For Truth

by Eric Carbaugh

publishing soon (2024)

Start a new chapter in your extraordinary journey into writing by becoming a published author with Remnant Enterprises.

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Getting Published with Remnant Enterprises

Are you an aspiring or already published author who wishes to maintain all your rights while maximizing the most in author royalties? We help Christian, Inspirational, children, and family-friendly authors get published faster and maximize ROI. We want you to join us at Remnant Enterprises Publishing to start your next chapter in your career. Remnant Enterprises Publishing makes it easy to get published.

Services we offer:

Author get your next book published now
  • • Publishing
  • • Book cover design
  • • Book layout & design
  • • Printed soft and hard cover printing
  • • e-Books & Audio-book services
  • • Distribution
  • • Marketing & Press Releases
  • • Editing Services
  • • Plagiarism Checks
  • • Citation Checks
  • • Book Trailers and videos
  • • Author Website design service
  • • & more

We’ve simplified our packages to make easier than ever to get published.

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The Journey of a Thousand Pages Starts Here

Do you have your manuscript written already? Still writing your next best seller? No worries. You can start the process now.

typewriter - writing a book
  1. Start the conversation with one of our book consultants.
  2. Select the package(s) that best fit your needs.
  3. Finalize the book or give the finished version to our design team.
  4. Get published
  5. Enjoy being an author

We have some of the best entry point packages to make it more affordable to get published, or just get extra help you may need if you’re a self-publisher. Other publishers lock you into expensive packages with many features your may not need. We start with a base package to get published & distributed, then we let you choose the add-on items you need.

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